How La Orizont Uses Drones to Drive Agriculture Forward

Drone technology has come a long way after years of research and development. In several industries, drones are used to collect and analyze visual data such as for inspections, monitoring, or surveillance.

Because of its advantages, many companies have integrated the use of these machines in their regular operations, especially in the agricultural sector. Air scanning, crop monitoring, and pest analysis are just some of the many services where drone utilization is advantageous.

However, with its benefits can also come a few unfavorable circumstances. Luckily for La Orizont, they found exactly what they needed in the IDRONECT platform.

About La Orizont

Officially partnered with Skyline Drones, La Orizont is one of the leading companies in precision agriculture in Romania. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, years of experience, and a number of different services, they quickly became a forerunner in the field.

Because most of their work focuses on inspection, monitoring, and analysis, proper documentation and task management are crucial to keeping things running smoothly. As such, the company needs to be prompt yet thorough when completing projects — a feat that is not easily achieved especially with the scale and size of the areas they are typically assigned.

With their mission to help in the development of the agrarian industry, they cannot let administrative concerns hinder the rest of their operations.

The Challenges

While the company continued to grow, it was becoming more and more difficult to keep track of all the tasks that needed to be done. When the scale and number of projects they got kept rising, they needed a platform that could help keep them on track.

Administrative work

Because they offer their services to a wide range of industries such as precision agriculture, telecommunications, and construction, the team members often find themselves managing several projects at once. Updating the reports for all their assigned work not only becomes taxing but also time-consuming.


While it is good that the business is growing and attracting more clients, it becomes more difficult for the team to handle multiple tasks if they are not equipped with the right system. They needed a platform that would allow them to scale with this growing demand.

How IDRONECT Helped La Orizont

IDRONECT is a management platform that has been specially designed for drone operations and is currently one of the leading platforms within the industry. Not only does it help businesses tackle most of their administrative concerns but also provides several other resources that can help boost productivity and efficiency.

While trying out systems from other companies, the team felt that these platforms were a bit lacking and did not fully address the problems that La Orizont had. After a bit more research, company owner Ciprian Iorga saw much potential in IDRONECT which would turn out to be exactly the solution they were looking for.

It certainly took a series of trials before the company made the partnership official. With their administrative concerns taken care of, the team could now devote more of their time to accomplishing projects.

It was very hard to keep an overview of all the projects, and we needed a system that could provide a drone management platform for the company. As for the team, it was becoming more of a challenge to organize all their tasks and projects while also making sure they could fulfill everything that needed to be done from the start date until the end.

IDRONECT definitely helped us optimize our operations and better allocate all of our resources. Having a dashboard for each pilot was incredibly useful for organizing reports and staying on track with all the projects.

– Ciprian Iorga


With IDRONECT in the picture, the company could now easily keep detailed reports of each project and conveniently monitor the progress of all the tasks that needed to be accomplished.

Because the platform offers a ton of flexibility, it serves as an all-in-one resource to keep a record of important information.

Team members can also utilize the platform to send real-time updates about a certain project. Aside from this, the system also comes equipped with a wide variety of practical tools for tracking, flight preparation, risk assessment, maintenance, and many others.

Increased profit

Management concerns slowly disappeared since a bulk of the administrative tasks were finally streamlined. With less time spent on administration, the team could now focus on performing better, getting projects completed sooner, and looking for new clients.

Not to mention, having the IDRONECT OS allowed the team to identify what they needed to change in terms of resource allocation and the business line they were earning the most profit from. With this, they could further improve operations to help lessen expenses.

La Orizont’s Favorite IDRONECT Feature

The fact that IDRONECT can be customized is incredibly beneficial since we are able to tailor the platform to everyone’s needs. It not only helps us keep an overview of everything in one place but also makes task management and resource allocation much easier to handle.

Aside from the program itself, the personnel were so open-minded and accommodating. The team at IDRONECT definitely helped us in designing the best system for our company which led to increased productivity and efficiency in the end.”

– Ciprian Iorga

Key Takeaways

An important lesson that we can learn from how La Orizont was able to maximize IDRONECT is that it is crucial for any business to actively look for solutions that can address their concern and ultimately enhance their overall performance.

While all companies experience a few challenges here and there, it’s these bumps along the road that teach leaders how they can be better. It’s important to identify which areas need to be improved not only so that they can be addressed quickly but also to give more time to actually honing the business’ strengths.

In the wise words of John Maxwell, “Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” Through these rapidly developing times, one has to know how to adapt especially in the face of challenges.