The IDRONECT– Drone Management Platform comes with extensive logbooks for pilots, drones, accessories, and flight scenarios. Each flight can be timed (by pressing start and stop in the application), logged (after the flight you enter manually the start and end times), or tracked (the tracker does it all automatically) and the details of the flight: location, drone, pilot, observer, accessories, scenario title, remarks are written straight to the logbook. The user can then filter, query, and export the logbook in every direction, shape, or form.

When talking about logbooks and logging we can’t forget the DJI integration. Thanks to our DJIintegration every moment of a drone can be shown on the IDRONECT flight map, flight tracks can be played back. Accurate information about your flight time, flight mode, altitude, speed, distance, coordinates, and the battery is displayed in an easy to comprehend dialog.
All you need to do is sign in to your DJI account through the IDRONECTplatform and you can start using this function. In addition to displaying all this information. You can link your flights with existing IDRONECT missions and have all your flights logged automatically in your IDRONECT logbook.

Besides a global logbook, the user can consult the separate logbooks of drones, pilots, scenarios (in case you flew for a certain customer), and accessories which makes it easier to view the details.