A frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Here you can find the answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have a question?

You can contact us through WhatsApp (within the hour during office hours from 8:00 to 17:00 CET) or e-mail (within 24 hours) at +32 467 09 36 95 or info@idronect.com.

How do I ensure that all my pilots have access to the latest safety notices and other life-saving infromation?

You can also add a “Mandatory reading” for any new legislation or task that a pilot needs to adhere to. All your pilots will then receive a pop-up for this mandatory reading, which they will have to read and sign before taking off. You will be able to see which pilots in your team have read the Mandatory Reading.

What about a pilot’s personal status? Will I be able to see it?

Yes. In the profile section, you as a manager will always see every pilot’s logbook, all his/ her licences, qualifications, and so on.

What are “Projects”? who does IDRONECT resolve around projects instead of missions/flights?

The main goal of our platform is to provide an all-in-one robust software solution for not just drone operators and their team leaders, but also for any other staff in the company, such as business managers and administration. All too often a drone operating company has too many apps from which to internally organize their flights, as well as all the other surrounding paperwork hassle. IDRONECT OS does not only provide a way to organize flights, but also a way to organize invoices, quotes, legal compliance, live tracking, … and any other internal process management.

What is the quality of the airspace data?

We get our own data from official sources like EUROCONTROL, FAA and others, so we are ADQ compliant. Also, we have a system in place that allows for geojson, KML, KMZ, … data to load periodically to keep your map up-to-date with any data relevant to you.

What are libraries useful for?

Libraries are useful for many things, such as risk assessment (for insurance and accountability). The most simple libraries are drone types and equipment types. The libraries in IDRONECT allow us to pre-configure a lot of things while keeping the platform flexible: Checklists can be loaded, re-used and shared; maintenance plans come along with the supported drone types; your risk library can be extended as you go. Libraries are key to the flexibility of our platform.

What if we don’t want all of our pilots to see which clients we are working with?

In the platform, you can assign certain roles to each user. You can assign the standard roles such as ‘manager’, ‘pilot’, ‘observer’ to ensure that only managers, for example, get to see the clients you are working with. You can also customize these roles according to your company’s needs. The possibilities are endless. You could, for example, create the role of an ‘invoicing manager’, who would only have access to the invoicing and quoting system.

What about risk analyses, Can I do those?

Yes, IDRONECT’s current risk library provides an extensive risk assessment by linking risks to a certain zone in our Magic Map in a matter of seconds. Get in touch for our more advanced solutions like Bow-Tie and SORA.

What about double bookings, is that possible?

In our platform, double bookings are not possible. If you have booked a certain DJI Mavic model in your stock for flight number A, for example, at a specific hour, then it is no longer possible for you to book the exact same drone and/ or pilot of that booked flight for flight number B at the same hour of the same day. And so you will receive a notification whenever there is a conflict.

What about contractor pilots from outside of our own company who have their own drones? Could they safely use our IDRONECT account?

If they use the platform under their own company’s approval, no. If they use the platform under your company’s approval, yes. 

Is it possible to set up a project briefing pack?

Any drone project for your client often entails some type of a briefing document, the most notable one being risk assessment. Of course, it is important to show you have mitigated all the risks of the missions in your project. This is completely possible and completely customizable in IDRONECT. 

Is it possible to playback a drone flight?

Yes, for all supported flight logs we can replay the flights afterward.
When a flight is done (with its live tracker) or the flight has been imported from one of our supported platforms, the user simply goes to the details page of the flight he has just created. A little video player will be shown in which you can then replay the flight.
Platforms we currently support are DJI, Wingtra, Flyability, Sensefly drones, … we are constantly looking at which formats we should add to our system. Moreover, when safety occurrences are made for flight actions, the flight replay would be immediately available inside the safety occurrence as well.

I fly with multiple companies, can I take my logbook with me?

Yes, you can. You simply switch teams.

I have a small company with less drones and pilots and I don’t think I will be needing such a level of complexity. Do you have a smaller solution?

Even though our operating system seems to be directed towards the selected few, many of our one-man pilot teams have benefited from using the IDRONECT platform. You no longer lose track of all your drone data, scattered across multiple applications; you now handle all your apps into a single drone data platform. As such, your work environment is not only more efficient but also safer, which allows you to protect yourself from possible future harm. 

How many flights can I fly per day?

As many as you want. The sky is (not) the limit!

How many drones do I weigh?

For a DJI Mavic Pro, that would be approximately 80 drones depending on your weight.

How is maintenance status tracked?

As soon as flight logs are imported or uploaded to the system, maintenance instructions and checklists will automatically be created for drone types which are supported by us. This makes it a lot easier to get you started on the platform. Once you actually start flying while using IDRONECT, the maintenance instructions are automatically imported and tracked through your flight log data.

How does your billing process work?

For IDRONECT OS we bill yearly and the subscription is based on the number of active pilot seats.

Can I whitelabel your solution?

Yes, under certain circumstances you can

What if I often fly on the same location?

You can define permanent locations for your customers. You can manage their documents,  flights and projects directly linked to the location. Then you can instantly make a project on those locations pulling in Risk Assessment and Requirements for that location. If you have flights coming in every week, those can be scheduled with recurring actions.

How do you manage safety in IDRONECT?

Safety is one of the core pillars of the IDRONECT operating system. IDRONECT has a complete built-in Safety Management System (SMS) in which all your team members can directly report safety occurrences. As a pilot, while logging your flight, you can report any occurrence that has happened. Once you have logged it in, your Safety Manager will have all the information needed to adequately respond to the situation.

How can I plan my flights in my logbook?

You can log all your flights to your IDRONECT OS logbook through different methods. You can log your flights manually, by providing all the information for the log. Another option is to use one of our log integrations; right now we support DJI, Wingtra, Flyability and senseFly. Or you could use our live trackers for automated logging.

Does your platform operate in different languages?

Yes, she does! Thanks to our translation module, IDRONECT is now available in 7 different languages, including English, Arabic, French, German and Spanish.

Does the platform need to be downloaded or how can our staff get access?

IDRONECT OS works through the browser. You just go to the website of IDRONECT, click “Log In”, and you have found your way in.

Does IDRONECT include a preparation phase, flight phase and post phase for our missions?

Yes, you can update your details in IDRONECT during every phase of your project, including your mission. All three phases are also completely customizable in IDRONECT. In all your projects, you can define as many customized phases as you want (and within those phases you can add as many customized actions as you want).

Do I need to install anything on my computer?

No. IDRONECT simply runs through the browser, so all you need is an Internet connection.

Can I use your magic map to plan ahead what the obstacles or risks are?

Yes, in our Magic Map you can directly drag and drop your KML or KMZ files for the inspection of buildings or certain obstacles, or to photograph its defects. Objects that are often inspected include transmission or cell phone towers, tanks, wind turbines or solar panels. This feature is particularly useful for risk assessments.

Can I use IDRONECT on a tablet, smartphone, …and so on?

Yes, our platform is responsive. So any device that has a browser and an Internet connection can run IDRONECT. 

Can I send my planned flight to the authority for approval?

If the government uses IDRONECT UTM, you can definitely send your planned flights to the authority for approval. If the government uses a different UTM, IDRONECT can integrate with that UTM in case the government in question is open to doing so.

Can I make my own checklists?

IDRONECT checklists is a core concept that is used throughout our system. These checklists can be used for operational, business, administrative or maintenance instructions.

Can I import my previous logbook?

Yes, you can.

Can I get a test account or a trial period?

Yes, we provide trial periods up to two weeks. To make it a valuable experience, we might ask you some of the data to customize your trial account.